D’Squad: High School’s Dilemma

Senior High School is a daunting place that can easily overwhelm just about anyone. Imagine being a new university, keeping up with terror instructors, choosing between hundreds of organizations, and meeting an entirely new set of people-that could not be walk in the park. You know what’s easy? It’s getting sucked into all these that you forget who you were before you set foot in senior high school.

These are the days when I miss junior high school the most. When I’m constantly tired because of all-nighters I’m pulling off, I miss how junior high school never made me feel exhausted to the point of giving up. When I fall for the very first time, I miss junior high school made me feel confident about my own intelligence. When I’m eating by my self because I haven’t made friends with anyone in our class yet, I miss just how fun lunch breaks used to be because I never had to eat alone. I miss how my junior high school friends read my mind when I complelled my sentences. The moments when I feel lost are also the moments when I compelled to pack my things and go back home yo my people. Junior High School was my comfort zone, my home.

But there is no going back now. The thing with time is that it never stops for anyone; unforgiving even to those who can barely keep up. I know I miss my junior high school friends but I need to give senior high school a chance to win over.

Then I suppose I’ll try to love it, even when I hate everything about it right now. Accept the fact that senior high school is a whole new world but I have to discover with new comrades, not because my junior high school friends don’t want to go with me, but because they also have their own new worlds to explore. I’ll let them find themselves in this great big world, but I’ll assure them that I’ll come running when they get lost in the process. Giving them a room to spread their wings and discover who they are does not always have to mean cutting them off of my life.

“Our friendship is the kind we never give up on, no mattter what happens, no matter where the world takes us. Know that they may be miles away apart fom us, exploring their own daunting worlds but they will always be waiting on the other line. I know we’ll see each other soon.”



Music is believed to be the universal language of the world. It can connect everyone despite their differences. It’s an honor for me to use music not only to connect with other people but most importantly to my King, Jesus Christ.

Last year, I made one of the best decisions in my life to join a choir group at the Parish near our home. I’ve always want to join a choir group since I was in sixth grade but I couldn’t fin a chance to go to the church to ask for permission and I was also shy to ask anyone for information on how to join. But when I entered senior high, I met a girl who isn’t only a student but also a member of the choir group in the Parish I was longing to join. She asked me if I wanted to join them and who am I to object? I accepted her offer right away.

It wasn’t hard to adjust and fit in the group. Besides Stef, (The girl who asked me to join) the other members are so friendly and approachable. I met students at my age and are studying at the same school as mine. Small world it is.

The name of the Choir Group I joined is the With Love and Faith Marellian Choir (WLAF) . It is composed of youths who are willing to serve God with all their hearts. We also have other family choir from other churches namely, St. Anthony of Padua Church (SAPC), To Love and Serve (TLAS), The Seed and the Youth for Christ. We are all under one family called the Marellian Choral Guild (MCG).

My relationship and faith with God got more greater since I join this family. I learned so many things that I can also apply in my daily life. I can hear the gospel of the Lord that shall be my guide to be a better person.

We don’t only sing songs. The songs we sing are prayers that we offer to his Grace as thank you for all the things he has done us. I’ll never get tired of serving him in any way I can. I’ll never get tired of saying thank you for forgiving me for all of my sins and never leaving me alone.

This is a family that I want to hold on as long as I can.

“Commit to the Lord in whatever you do”

Prov. 16:3

A Writer’s Struggle: Tips in Writing

Most people has been having a hard time on writing. Some says they run out of ideas, words or they think their work can’t be appreciated by other people. Writing has been a huge part of every person’s life. I mean now a day’s people love to write poems, blogs like mine, articles, opinions etc. Writing has been one of the greatest way of expressing yourself. So I thought I would share some personal tips for those people who still find it hard to write what’s in their imagination.

  • Use your imagination

We can all imagine things. We can make several themes, ideas and concepts using our imagination. It’s the source of all stories in the world.  It’s up to you what work of art will you do. Poem, short story, novel anything. You can also choose any kinds of genre plus you can mix them. Make a plot that has your own style. If you can’t find an idea, try to look from a different angle.


  • Find your comfortzone

Find a place where you can write your ideas comfortably without being conscious having any doubts. As for me I like to write my ideas when I’m alone. That way, I can concentrate and keep writing without any distractions. For example, if your comfortable writing where no one is watching you, go to your room. Lock the door and forget everyone outside just for  a couples of minutes. And if you like to search for ideas in the outside world, you can go to parks or climb a mountain.


  • Listen to music

A lot of people do this. And a lot of stories are based on songs. They it helps them add a lot of ideas and calms their nerves so that they can concentrate to their work. They love to put their earplugs to shut out the whole world and listen to music so they can avoid distractions. I do this a lot. I love to listen to instrumental and acoustic music when I’m writing.


  • Chocolates

I love to eat chocolates when writing. It keeps my energy up. Actually I’m drinking hot chocolate while typing this blog. If you ever plan to give me chocolates, my favorite is KitKat (NOT THE GREEN TEA FLAVOR).


  • Movies

If you want additional ideas, you can watched movies. Even thou, some plots are already common, it can still help you think about new concepts. When I’m watching movies, I focus much more at its OST (Official Sound Track) cause sometimes its what makes the movie cool. And also to the lines! I’d like shoutout to the scriptwriters for writing such beautiful lines for us watchers to quote.


  • Books

What can inspire you more to write other than our beloved books. I love read all of my favorite books when I’m to lazy to look for a new in the bookstore. I don’t have a specific favorite book because I think all of them are beautiful and unique. But I have a favorite author and his name is Rick Riordan. For those who don’t know him, he’s the author of the Percy Jackson Series, Heroes of Olympus, Kane Chronicles, and a lot more. If you haven’t read his books (which is impossible because they are so cool) I recommend you to try it right now and it will change your life.


  • Pen and paper

Always ready a pen and paper so you can write your ideas immediately. Specially for people like who forgets easily after just a couples of seconds. If carrying a pen and paper is tiring, you can always use your phone.


  • Take a brake

Never forget to take some rest. Overdoing anything is bad. If you really run out of ideas you should let your brain take a break. Also, try to do other activities. I know writing is fun but don’t over do it. Take a look at other things.  And after a couple hours of break you can write again all you want.



all photo credits goes to pinterest.com

Time Machine: Origin of the past, child of the present, hope of the future

If you’re looking for a story that can make you think and reflect, then I suggest Mitch Albom’s Time Machine. This novel is the story of the man who discovered time. His name is Dor. He’s really obsessed with the flow of time. He’s very curious in discovering it’s secrets but he forgot that he also have a family to spend time with. Later on, his wife died. He became depress and miserable, and went to the Tower of Babel to ask the God’s to bring his wife back. But instead of helping him, the God’s punished him for his foolish act. As punishment, they gave him the job of  Father Time. That means he needs to deal with people who wishes for more time. Then the God’s gave him a mission on Earth where he must help two people name, Sarah Lemon, who is depressed and has suicidal thoughts and the other is an older business name named Victor Delamonte who is dying of cancer. In order to succeed in his mission he must teach those people what life is all about and using time in a foolish way.

Mitch Albom never fails to fascinate me. He works are always quotable and unique that keeps me on reading between the lines and discovering a deeper meaning that can me make reflect on certain things. At first, I was confused on how the story was being narrated but everything turned great at the end. Actually, I read the first chapter 3 times.

Time Machine is great quick read story if you’re lost and trying to reflect on your action. I wasn’t emotional reading it like I was when I read Tuesday’s With Morrie that’s because they’re different but both has a clever twist.

I can totally relate to Sarah’s situation. She’s a girl who’s having self esteem issues. I can see a part of me in her in the story. Same goes to Victor. His was just a little more heavier and serious. Mitch Albom made the story with real life situations that every reader can totally relate. It will make you wonder. Are you really using time wisely?

What are you waiting for? Grab your coffee and get ready to enter a new world of time travel.




To The Boy Who was Never Meant to be My Lover

We grew up together. Our families are close. We’ve been mistaken to have a relationship for so many times. Others asked if there is chance for us look at each other romantically. We always laugh at the thought of us seeing each other having a more-than-friend relationship. After all in the first place we both know, you were never meant to be my lover.

I looked for a romantic connection, but I felt nothing. Instead I felt something else. Something I can’t explain but one things for sure. Calling it romance would be an insult.

You saw me falling in love with the idea of love. You were there when I go crazy over another boy. You scolded me for being such fool for thinking all boys are like the prince charming I’m dreaming of. You know me better than other people.

It’s true that were perfect for each other. So why can’t we make it happen?

You love me and I feel the same. But the love we feel isn’t tainted with a single drop of romance. I see pictures of you in my future but not as my lover. I want you to be happy. I’ll be with you as you take the the journey of finding your self.

Promise me you’ll be happy, and I shall grant your wish.

You and I have our magical strings tied with a knot that can never be destroyed by anyone.  Imperfect persons born to tap each other’s shoulders in times of failure. My comrade in my wars.  Loyalty, Love and Friendship. That’s what we are.


I’m a city girl that loves any kinds of adventure. I love to go to different places to explore. But I only have so little time and limited places to go since I’m still studying. When I was still a child, I was able to go to different places with my parents and cousins. But since when my father went abroad to work, I was settled inside our house. Little by little, my outdoor activities become lesser and lesser until my daily routes became school and home. That changed, when I entered Junior High School. Like any other teenager, I became reckless and very curious. I got to go to the places a lot farther than out home but still in our city. In other words, I got to explore the city I was living in since I was a kid (specifically 11 years old). That was a huge improvement for me. At first I need to make up excuses and lie to my Mom since I know she won’t allow me to go anywhere besides school. I understand that she only wants me to be safe but, I can’t always stay in our house and be ignorant about the other things in the real world. So slowly but surely, I gain her trust so she will let me explore the outside world with an assurance that I will always take care of my self and won’t do anything stupid.


We went to the River near our Aunt’s house. The water was so fresh and and cold. But if you’re planing to take a dip, be careful. The rocks are slippery.


One of the things I love in provinces is that everywhere you look, you can find trees. Specially this place. Would like to do a photoshoot there when I come back.


Of course we won’t go on adventures without a little trivia! The Church behind me is The Tiwi Church. It’s one of the oldest and famous churches in the province. It’s holds a lot of history and a glimpse of the life of the people living there.


Lastly, who would want to go to the province of Bicol without seeing the beautiful Mt. Mayon. Like I was expecting it was beautiful as ever. Good thing the clouds weren’t blocking the tip.

The last time I visited our Province in Bicol was when I was still 5 years old. It’s been a long time. I can only remember so much so I was anxious about spending my summer vacation there. I never thought about leaving without my Father. I’ll miss the late morning wake ups, the loud music hangouts, and my daily routines as a teenager. I thought I don’t want to leave because my daily routines will change. But no. I realize the real reason I didn’t want to go is because I’m afraid my family won’t accept the new me. I know I change a lot for the past years. But then for the last days I stayed here, I realize that it doesn’t matter if you change a lot cause a real family will always welcome and accept you whole heartedly. I never realize how I miss them until I came here. The place change and improve but the people are still the same loving and happy family I knew.

I won’t regret spending the last days of my summer vacation here. And I’ll definitely come back here even its not summer.

Born in the 90’s, Raised in the 21st

Growing up never stops. Whether we like it or not, were all gonna be adults someday. ADULTHOOD. Such a scary word for some people but also exciting for the others. High School isn’t meant to last forever. After a year, all of us are going to different universities to study the course were really passionate about. And after all the heavy paperworks and deadlines, we’ll graduate and receive the degree we all have been working hard for. For some people it’s the best moment of their life meanwhile for the others, it’s the most scariest.

A lot of criticism has been done to the millennials similar to my age. People love to compare the past generation and present generation. They say, “Teenagers now a days don’t know anything but to drink, have sex, do drugs, post nonsense on social media and such.”, “They are the reason of disorganization and crimes in the society.”  Totally the opposite of what they say they do in the past years when they were at our age. Take note at the word “WERE”. Means, in the PAST. I’m not saying the past doesn’t matter. What I’m trying to say here is, instead of putting all the blame to the millennials why don’t they try to criticize the way they look at them.

We are all raised in different times and different ways. I was born at the last year before the so-called millennial era started. I grew up watching the world being changed by technology and the thick headed people. They say, we are the mix of the traditional and millennial era. If that’s so, don’t be surprise if we are much bolder and wilder than you. Cause behind of those negative qualities, we have the potential make this world better for the next generations. All of us are unique and special. Someday, we’ll all have our own paths to take. Own works and businesses to take care of and a family to love and cherish.

For now, instead of fighting, let’s all set aside our differences and be a good example to others. For teenagers, stop being childish and understand that we need to grow up and think more maturely cause were not getting younger as time passes by. And for the elders, please stop comparing us to the past. If were doing a wrong deed, then please guide us to make it good. But do not put too much pressure on us. A little kindness at lots of patience will be key.


For The Love of The Daughter

Dear Father,

          Hello! It’s been long time since we last saw each other. One year? NO. It’s almost three years since you left us to work in a far away land. I still remember our goodbyes that day. We were so busy taking pictures of us all together just what happy families should do but deep inside were all about to cry.

          You had been going back to that place since I was in third grade just for us to continue our studies. I’m really thankful for that. You’re one of my inspirations and motivators. But sometimes I can’t help but put a grudge on you. Sudden thoughts come into my mind that tells me it’s your fault why I was hurt. If you were there with me at my darkest hours, you would have comforted me with you loving hug like what a real father should do. I wouldn’t have to keep all my cry’s and desperation all compressed inside of my heart. You weren’t there to protect me from the people who broke my heart. You weren’t there when I needed a hug because no one ask me to dance at our high school ball. You weren’t there to congratulate me for getting a perfect score on the tests. Of all people you should be the one to be by my side at those times. Because you are my father.

I’m sorry for saying this. I can’t believe I’m saying this. Darkness swallowed me and you weren’t the one who pushed me but it’s you who should catch me before I fell. I really can’t blame you for not being there at those times. You have to work in order for us to live. But I wish you could at least be there on my special moments. Is it too selfish for me to ask you to come home and never leave again? We all miss you.

Wish you would come home sooner. Always take care.



The Colorful Dull Book

Diana Nicole Rolda

I’m an open book. You just have to discover what language it was written. Are you ready to take the challenge?

Hey there! I always suck in writing introductions, formal papers and most especially telling facts about myself. I don’t know how to describe myself with a cheerful attitude without sounding boring or too loud. I don’t now why is it so hard to do, but it’s either I’ll sound humble or cocky. So, I think the best way for you to know me better, is to take a look at my blog every once in a while. Making blogs has always been one of my biggest goals in life but I can’t find a way for me start. But here I’am, taking a step forward from the starting point. This is a way of me trying to make a wider point of view of the world. I want to share my thoughts about things I’m interested that other people can also relate. I’m not doing this because I want to gain popularity or whatsoever, I’m doing this because I want to help other people specifically, the teenagers.

But you can always say anything to me. Think whatever you want. Leave positive or negative feedbacks, anything. It will be all appreciated.


About “The Colorful Dull Book”

I always love to look at myself as book. Why? Because I think books are special and lovely.

I’m the kind of book that has colorful and dull chapters. An imperfect book. Every book has always have these chapters where the scenes are boring and lifeless, like the Author wrote it just to add an extra chapter. And what that does make the readers feel? Disappointment. Same goes to me. I’m not perfect. I have my colorful moments when I’m so cheerful that I’m able to make the people around me smile and happy (IN MY OWN WAY). But there are also my dull moments when I don’t want to talk to anyone and feel irritated. I don’t know why, but I just want to alone for a moment. Those moments make my life special. It has it’s ups and downs. And that’s what makes it exciting.

Actually, life is always in the typhoon belt. A typhoon can always arrive and you must be brave enough to fight it. See through it that you are stronger than it and if your lucky, it might end well.


What can you say? I’d love to here your thoughts. Feel free to leave comments. And if ever you want more of my not-so-normal entries, you can check my profile and click follow.

PhotoCredits: Virginia Arregadas (2017)

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