For The Love of The Daughter

Dear Father,

          Hello! It’s been long time since we last saw each other. One year? NO. It’s almost three years since you left us to work in a far away land. I still remember our goodbyes that day. We were so busy taking pictures of us all together just what happy families should do but deep inside were all about to cry.

          You had been going back to that place since I was in third grade just for us to continue our studies. I’m really thankful for that. You’re one of my inspirations and motivators. But sometimes I can’t help but put a grudge on you. Sudden thoughts come into my mind that tells me it’s your fault why I was hurt. If you were there with me at my darkest hours, you would have comforted me with you loving hug like what a real father should do. I wouldn’t have to keep all my cry’s and desperation all compressed inside of my heart. You weren’t there to protect me from the people who broke my heart. You weren’t there when I needed a hug because no one ask me to dance at our high school ball. You weren’t there to congratulate me for getting a perfect score on the tests. Of all people you should be the one to be by my side at those times. Because you are my father.

I’m sorry for saying this. I can’t believe I’m saying this. Darkness swallowed me and you weren’t the one who pushed me but it’s you who should catch me before I fell. I really can’t blame you for not being there at those times. You have to work in order for us to live. But I wish you could at least be there on my special moments. Is it too selfish for me to ask you to come home and never leave again? We all miss you.

Wish you would come home sooner. Always take care.




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