Born in the 90’s, Raised in the 21st

Growing up never stops. Whether we like it or not, were all gonna be adults someday. ADULTHOOD. Such a scary word for some people but also exciting for the others. High School isn’t meant to last forever. After a year, all of us are going to different universities to study the course were really passionate about. And after all the heavy paperworks and deadlines, we’ll graduate and receive the degree we all have been working hard for. For some people it’s the best moment of their life meanwhile for the others, it’s the most scariest.

A lot of criticism has been done to the millennials similar to my age. People love to compare the past generation and present generation. They say, “Teenagers now a days don’t know anything but to drink, have sex, do drugs, post nonsense on social media and such.”, “They are the reason of disorganization and crimes in the society.”  Totally the opposite of what they say they do in the past years when they were at our age. Take note at the word “WERE”. Means, in the PAST. I’m not saying the past doesn’t matter. What I’m trying to say here is, instead of putting all the blame to the millennials why don’t they try to criticize the way they look at them.

We are all raised in different times and different ways. I was born at the last year before the so-called millennial era started. I grew up watching the world being changed by technology and the thick headed people. They say, we are the mix of the traditional and millennial era. If that’s so, don’t be surprise if we are much bolder and wilder than you. Cause behind of those negative qualities, we have the potential make this world better for the next generations. All of us are unique and special. Someday, we’ll all have our own paths to take. Own works and businesses to take care of and a family to love and cherish.

For now, instead of fighting, let’s all set aside our differences and be a good example to others. For teenagers, stop being childish and understand that we need to grow up and think more maturely cause were not getting younger as time passes by. And for the elders, please stop comparing us to the past. If were doing a wrong deed, then please guide us to make it good. But do not put too much pressure on us. A little kindness at lots of patience will be key.



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