I’m a city girl that loves any kinds of adventure. I love to go to different places to explore. But I only have so little time and limited places to go since I’m still studying. When I was still a child, I was able to go to different places with my parents and cousins. But since when my father went abroad to work, I was settled inside our house. Little by little, my outdoor activities become lesser and lesser until my daily routes became school and home. That changed, when I entered Junior High School. Like any other teenager, I became reckless and very curious. I got to go to the places a lot farther than out home but still in our city. In other words, I got to explore the city I was living in since I was a kid (specifically 11 years old). That was a huge improvement for me. At first I need to make up excuses and lie to my Mom since I know she won’t allow me to go anywhere besides school. I understand that she only wants me to be safe but, I can’t always stay in our house and be ignorant about the other things in the real world. So slowly but surely, I gain her trust so she will let me explore the outside world with an assurance that I will always take care of my self and won’t do anything stupid.


We went to the River near our Aunt’s house. The water was so fresh and and cold. But if you’re planing to take a dip, be careful. The rocks are slippery.


One of the things I love in provinces is that everywhere you look, you can find trees. Specially this place. Would like to do a photoshoot there when I come back.


Of course we won’t go on adventures without a little trivia! The Church behind me is The Tiwi Church. It’s one of the oldest and famous churches in the province. It’s holds a lot of history and a glimpse of the life of the people living there.


Lastly, who would want to go to the province of Bicol without seeing the beautiful Mt. Mayon. Like I was expecting it was beautiful as ever. Good thing the clouds weren’t blocking the tip.

The last time I visited our Province in Bicol was when I was still 5 years old. It’s been a long time. I can only remember so much so I was anxious about spending my summer vacation there. I never thought about leaving without my Father. I’ll miss the late morning wake ups, the loud music hangouts, and my daily routines as a teenager. I thought I don’t want to leave because my daily routines will change. But no. I realize the real reason I didn’t want to go is because I’m afraid my family won’t accept the new me. I know I change a lot for the past years. But then for the last days I stayed here, I realize that it doesn’t matter if you change a lot cause a real family will always welcome and accept you whole heartedly. I never realize how I miss them until I came here. The place change and improve but the people are still the same loving and happy family I knew.

I won’t regret spending the last days of my summer vacation here. And I’ll definitely come back here even its not summer.


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