To The Boy Who was Never Meant to be My Lover

We grew up together. Our families are close. We’ve been mistaken to have a relationship for so many times. Others asked if there is chance for us look at each other romantically. We always laugh at the thought of us seeing each other having a more-than-friend relationship. After all in the first place we both know, you were never meant to be my lover.

I looked for a romantic connection, but I felt nothing. Instead I felt something else. Something I can’t explain but one things for sure. Calling it romance would be an insult.

You saw me falling in love with the idea of love. You were there when I go crazy over another boy. You scolded me for being such fool for thinking all boys are like the prince charming I’m dreaming of. You know me better than other people.

It’s true that were perfect for each other. So why can’t we make it happen?

You love me and I feel the same. But the love we feel isn’t tainted with a single drop of romance. I see pictures of you in my future but not as my lover. I want you to be happy. I’ll be with you as you take the the journey of finding your self.

Promise me you’ll be happy, and I shall grant your wish.

You and I have our magical strings tied with a knot that can never be destroyed by anyone.  Imperfect persons born to tap each other’s shoulders in times of failure. My comrade in my wars.  Loyalty, Love and Friendship. That’s what we are.


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