Time Machine: Origin of the past, child of the present, hope of the future

If you’re looking for a story that can make you think and reflect, then I suggest Mitch Albom’s Time Machine. This novel is the story of the man who discovered time. His name is Dor. He’s really obsessed with the flow of time. He’s very curious in discovering it’s secrets but he forgot that he also have a family to spend time with. Later on, his wife died. He became depress and miserable, and went to the Tower of Babel to ask the God’s to bring his wife back. But instead of helping him, the God’s punished him for his foolish act. As punishment, they gave him the job of  Father Time. That means he needs to deal with people who wishes for more time. Then the God’s gave him a mission on Earth where he must help two people name, Sarah Lemon, who is depressed and has suicidal thoughts and the other is an older business name named Victor Delamonte who is dying of cancer. In order to succeed in his mission he must teach those people what life is all about and using time in a foolish way.

Mitch Albom never fails to fascinate me. He works are always quotable and unique that keeps me on reading between the lines and discovering a deeper meaning that can me make reflect on certain things. At first, I was confused on how the story was being narrated but everything turned great at the end. Actually, I read the first chapter 3 times.

Time Machine is great quick read story if you’re lost and trying to reflect on your action. I wasn’t emotional reading it like I was when I read Tuesday’s With Morrie that’s because they’re different but both has a clever twist.

I can totally relate to Sarah’s situation. She’s a girl who’s having self esteem issues. I can see a part of me in her in the story. Same goes to Victor. His was just a little more heavier and serious. Mitch Albom made the story with real life situations that every reader can totally relate. It will make you wonder. Are you really using time wisely?

What are you waiting for? Grab your coffee and get ready to enter a new world of time travel.





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