A Writer’s Struggle: Tips in Writing

Most people has been having a hard time on writing. Some says they run out of ideas, words or they think their work can’t be appreciated by other people. Writing has been a huge part of every person’s life. I mean now a day’s people love to write poems, blogs like mine, articles, opinions etc. Writing has been one of the greatest way of expressing yourself. So I thought I would share some personal tips for those people who still find it hard to write what’s in their imagination.

  • Use your imagination

We can all imagine things. We can make several themes, ideas and concepts using our imagination. It’s the source of all stories in the world.  It’s up to you what work of art will you do. Poem, short story, novel anything. You can also choose any kinds of genre plus you can mix them. Make a plot that has your own style. If you can’t find an idea, try to look from a different angle.


  • Find your comfortzone

Find a place where you can write your ideas comfortably without being conscious having any doubts. As for me I like to write my ideas when I’m alone. That way, I can concentrate and keep writing without any distractions. For example, if your comfortable writing where no one is watching you, go to your room. Lock the door and forget everyone outside just for  a couples of minutes. And if you like to search for ideas in the outside world, you can go to parks or climb a mountain.


  • Listen to music

A lot of people do this. And a lot of stories are based on songs. They it helps them add a lot of ideas and calms their nerves so that they can concentrate to their work. They love to put their earplugs to shut out the whole world and listen to music so they can avoid distractions. I do this a lot. I love to listen to instrumental and acoustic music when I’m writing.


  • Chocolates

I love to eat chocolates when writing. It keeps my energy up. Actually I’m drinking hot chocolate while typing this blog. If you ever plan to give me chocolates, my favorite is KitKat (NOT THE GREEN TEA FLAVOR).


  • Movies

If you want additional ideas, you can watched movies. Even thou, some plots are already common, it can still help you think about new concepts. When I’m watching movies, I focus much more at its OST (Official Sound Track) cause sometimes its what makes the movie cool. And also to the lines! I’d like shoutout to the scriptwriters for writing such beautiful lines for us watchers to quote.


  • Books

What can inspire you more to write other than our beloved books. I love read all of my favorite books when I’m to lazy to look for a new in the bookstore. I don’t have a specific favorite book because I think all of them are beautiful and unique. But I have a favorite author and his name is Rick Riordan. For those who don’t know him, he’s the author of the Percy Jackson Series, Heroes of Olympus, Kane Chronicles, and a lot more. If you haven’t read his books (which is impossible because they are so cool) I recommend you to try it right now and it will change your life.


  • Pen and paper

Always ready a pen and paper so you can write your ideas immediately. Specially for people like who forgets easily after just a couples of seconds. If carrying a pen and paper is tiring, you can always use your phone.


  • Take a brake

Never forget to take some rest. Overdoing anything is bad. If you really run out of ideas you should let your brain take a break. Also, try to do other activities. I know writing is fun but don’t over do it. Take a look at other things.  And after a couple hours of break you can write again all you want.



all photo credits goes to pinterest.com


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