Music is believed to be the universal language of the world. It can connect everyone despite their differences. It’s an honor for me to use music not only to connect with other people but most importantly to my King, Jesus Christ.

Last year, I made one of the best decisions in my life to join a choir group at the Parish near our home. I’ve always want to join a choir group since I was in sixth grade but I couldn’t fin a chance to go to the church to ask for permission and I was also shy to ask anyone for information on how to join. But when I entered senior high, I met a girl who isn’t only a student but also a member of the choir group in the Parish I was longing to join. She asked me if I wanted to join them and who am I to object? I accepted her offer right away.

It wasn’t hard to adjust and fit in the group. Besides Stef, (The girl who asked me to join) the other members are so friendly and approachable. I met students at my age and are studying at the same school as mine. Small world it is.

The name of the Choir Group I joined is the With Love and Faith Marellian Choir (WLAF) . It is composed of youths who are willing to serve God with all their hearts. We also have other family choir from other churches namely, St. Anthony of Padua Church (SAPC), To Love and Serve (TLAS), The Seed and the Youth for Christ. We are all under one family called the Marellian Choral Guild (MCG).

My relationship and faith with God got more greater since I join this family. I learned so many things that I can also apply in my daily life. I can hear the gospel of the Lord that shall be my guide to be a better person.

We don’t only sing songs. The songs we sing are prayers that we offer to his Grace as thank you for all the things he has done us. I’ll never get tired of serving him in any way I can. I’ll never get tired of saying thank you for forgiving me for all of my sins and never leaving me alone.

This is a family that I want to hold on as long as I can.

“Commit to the Lord in whatever you do”

Prov. 16:3


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